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If you have internet access, using autobus will be a piece of cake for you. It is so intuitive, that hardly will it require a tutorial to use. Still for better understanding,we have provided a step-by-step tutorial below to use autobus online :


Step-1 :

Go to autobus.in and select your pickup-stop and destination-stop.

Step-2 :

Get suggested pickup-times from autobus when you get one or more partners for your destination-stop. Select your time and click on 'Book' button.  

Step-3 :

See photos of your partners on 'My Bookings' page alongwith your fare division for auto, ola mini, ola sedan or TFS whatever you choose to travel.

Step-4 :

Refresh the booking status by clicking the orange coloured 'Click to Refresh Booking Status' button and get your updated partner details.

Step-5 :
When there is only 1 hr remaining for your pickup-time, go to 'My Bookings' page and select appropriate option to inform your partners about when you will reach the pickup stop.

Step-6 :
Get push notifications,email notifications as well as SMS notifications from autobus informing you about the availability of new partners and your fare divisions for auto or cab.

Step-7 :
Meet your partners at the pickup-stop,get correct fare quote from pre-paid auto-booth,share your fare with your partners and then ... travel with dignity... sitting comfortably, cheaper and faster ...