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About us :

Today's problem :

Today, every crowded bus stops, near corporate offices bus-stops, is facing some very common problems. The problems are :


1.  The people in the crowd, who may had a very busy working day, have to wait for a long time for a bus to come. During this waiting time, more and more crowd gathers, waiting for the bus.


2.  When a bus arrives , all the people in the crowd try to jump inside it simultaneously , leading to total occupation of the bus, giving no place to anyone to properly sit or even stand. All the people will be sticked to each other and will stay sticked till the people in the crowd get down with time.


3.  This bus , now proceeds towards its long route, at its super nominal speed, stopping at every stop on the way , and in the starting for ticket collection.


4. The people in the crowd , always suffers this terrible experience before reaching their destinations after their super busy and tiresome working day , though they travel at a cheap rate.


The people in the crowd , do not travel in a comfortable human way , they are instead travelling like luggages or parcels put together to be delivered at a particular destination and that also, at a very very slow bus speed.


Solution :


autobus is a company , which resolves all these problem completely. autobus , as the name suggests, enables people at a crowded bus-stop to use an auto-rickshaw as a bus . It helps people at a crowded bus-stop to reach their destination, sitting comfortably in an auto-rickshaw , at a very good speed of an auto and at flat 67% off ( in case you need three partners for your destination ) or at flat 50% off ( in case you need two partners for your destination ) , which means you travel at almost the same price of a city-bus till mid-stop (E.g. : for Infosys,Mysore stop, Surya Bakery is the mid-stop ).Also, people  can use autobus even if they do or do not have mobile internet.


How does autobus do this ?


Taking an example, suppose , there are three people at a bus stop say Infosys,Mysore and all of them want to go to Kaveri Circle for which an auto will charge about Rs.40 and a volvo city-bus will charge about Rs.15 , but they don't know who they are in the crowd. When they use autobus, autobus will help them find each other and will email them , the price which they will have to pay each. So, Rs.40 gets divided among three of them, so each one will pay just Rs.13 to reach to Kaveri Circle in an auto-rickshaw, which is almost the price which they pay to volvo city bus which is Rs. 15.


What autobus does not do :


autobus does not have a direct tie-up with the auto-rickshaw drivers or cab drivers . It will not book an auto-rickshaw or cab on your behalf, this thing needs to be done by people themselves.


What autobus does do :


autobus helps the people in the crowd to form groups of two or three with same destinations and identify each other and it will provide them with the fare division and final fare details on email.